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The Undergraduate Program

The Humanities Center's activities for undergraduates address two different needs. For students interested in a general liberal arts preparation or in one of the university's preprofessional programs, the center provides a broad introduction to the documents and thought of Western culture. For Freshmen the Center offers the Great Books at Hopkins course, as well as a variable array of courses taught by the Center's faculty. For students interested in preparing for graduate school, the center also offers a fundamental preparation geared to the individual's specific talents that can be the basis for more specialized humanistic study at the graduate level. Qualified Juniors and Seniors, as well as Sophomores planning to study abroad in their Junior Year, are provided the opportunity to pursue an independent and often interdisciplinary research project through the Honors Program. In either case, the center stresses skill in critical reading and writing, sophistication in the use of research tools, and opportunities for supervised independent study. The coherence of each individual's program depends upon careful consultation with the faculty adviser.

The Humanities Center does not offer a departmental major. Students who wish to concentrate on the courses that it offers should consider the area major in Humanistic Studies or a major in another humanities department.

For more information about the Great Books course, please contact Prof. Patton; for more information on the Honors Program, please contact Prof. Yi-Ping Ong.

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