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Job Placement

Listed below are initial full-time positions of our recent PhD graduates. Initial placements may not overlap with their current positions, many of which you can find here.


Anh Nguyen, Lecturer in German, MIT
Dissertation: "Contextualizing the 'Inner': Pretense and Aspect in Wittgenstein, Lohenstein, and Goethe"

Larry McGrath, Humanities Fellow, Humanities Center, Johns Hopkins
Disseration: "The Bergsonian Moment: Science and Spirit in France, 1874-1907"


Tarek Dika: Postdoctoral Fellow, Michigan Society of Fellows
Dissertation: "Descartes and the Origin of the Modern Problem of Finitude"

Kate Khatib: Adjunct Professor, Humanistic Studies, Maryland Institute College of Art / Design Director, AK Press Publishing
Dissertation: "Surrealism's America: Notes on a Vernacular Epistemology"


Danielle Dubois: Assistant Professor, Department of Religion, University of Manitoba
Dissertation: "Spiritual Practice and Learned Traditions in Marguerite Porete's Mirouer des simples ames"

John Duda: Communications Coordinator, The Democracy Collaborative at the University of Maryland
Dissertation: "The Idea of Self-organization Between Science and Politics"

Nils F. Schott: International Research Fellow, Dahlem Humanities Center, Freie Universität Berlin
Dissertation: "The Conversion of Knowledge--Religion and Enlightenment in Eighteenth-Century Catechisms"


Jeroen Gerrits: Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Comparative Literature, Binghamton University (SUNY)
Dissertation: "Lubricious Objects: Perception and Grammar in Cinema and Poetry"


Gülru Çakmak: Visiting Assistant Professor, Frostic School of Art, Western Michigan University
Dissertation: "Jean-Léon Gérôme: The Innovative Years (1851-1859)"

Martin Shuster: Chauncey Truax Postdoctoral Fellow, Philosophy Department, Hamilton College
Dissertation: "I Against I: Transcendental Commitments and Social Deformities after Kant"

Joyce Tsai: Assistant Professor, Modern and Contemporary Art, College of Fine Arts, University of Florida
Dissertation: "László Moholy-Nagy: Painting after Photography"


Molly Warnock: Postdoctoral Fellow, Art History, Princeton University
Dissertation:"Thought by Painting: The Early Work of Simon Hantaï"

Stefanos Geroulanos: Assistant Professor of Modern European History, New York University
Dissertation: “Man Under Erasure: The Emergence of Antihumanism in French Thought, Politics, and Literature, 1926-1954”

Jie Guo: Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature, University South Carolina
Dissertation: “Confusing Desires: Representations of Male Same-Sex Relationships in Late Ming and Early Qing Literature”


Samantha Fenno, Humanities, University of Chicago
Dissertation: “Specters of Skepticism: Henry Fielding and the Problematic of Recognition”

Danielle Follett:  Département d'études des pays anglophones, University of Paris-VIII, Saint Denis
Dissertation: “The Ghost of God: Studies in the Nineteenth-century Poetics and Aesthetics of Chance : Baudelaire, Mallarmé, Proust”

Oleg Gelikman: Humanities, Soka University
Dissertation: “The Idea of Prose as Modernist Poetics”

Alexandre Lefebvre: Postdoctoral Fellow, Faculty of Law, McGill University
Dissertation: “The Image of Law: Deleuze, Bergson, Spinoza”


Liang Mao  English, Beijing University
Dissertation: “Henry James and the Claim of Sociality


Anne Rose: History, College of Charleston, Charleston, SC
Dissertation: “Children’s moral culture and the experimental human sciences in Britain, France and Italy, 1748-1899”

Zachary Sng: German, Brown University
Dissertation: “Corrupting the fountains of knowledge: language and error from Locke to Schlegel”

Antonia Szabari: French and Comparative Literature, University of Southern California
Dissertation: “Less rightly said: inventing scandalous speech in literature and religion in the Reformation”


Ivan Grabovac:  Assistant Professor of English at Mount Royal University (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
Dissertation: “Thoreau's passion”

Christopher Powers: Comparative Literature, University of Puerto Rico
Dissertation: “Ambivalent freedom: the politics of style in the writings of James Joyce and Ralph Ellison”


Elizabeth Rottenberg: Philosophy, DePaul University
Dissertation: “Inheriting the future: legacies of Kant, Freud, and Flaubert”

William Scott: English, University of Pittsburgh
Dissertation: “Writing from the left: race, gender, and the critique of representation in the Great Depression”

Arnd Wedemeyer: German, Princeton University
Dissertation: “Expanses of thought: interpretations of space from Kant to Heidegger”


Patrick Greaney: German, University of Colorado
Dissertation: “The beggar's voice: impoverished writing in Nietzsche, Mallarme, Rilke, and Benjamin”

Dana Hollander: Religious Studies, McMaster University
Dissertation: “Exemplarity and chosenness: Rosenzweig and Derrida on the nation of philosophy”

Joanna Klink: Creative Writing, Poetry, University of Montana
Dissertation: “Paul Celan: the second person, poetic realism, and ontological hope”

Patrick Provost-Smith: Divinity School, Harvard University
Dissertation: “Macao, Manila, Mexico, and Madrid: Jesuit controversies over strategies for the Christianization of China (1580-1600)”


John D. Connor: English and Visual Culture, Harvard University
Dissertation: “The language of men: identity and existentialism in the American postwar”

Daniel Heller Roazen: Comparative Literature, Princeton University
Dissertation: “Fortune's faces : the Roman de la Rose and the poetics of contingency”


Michael Kohler: SUNY Binghamton; Attorney, Associate at McKee Nelson
Dissertation: “Governmental modernity and nineteenth-century narrative and dramatic verse: a study in the ideological inflection of form”

Sarah Roff: German, Princeton University
Dissertation: “Group mind: psychology and the construction of the public sphere from Romanticism to psychoanalysis"


Maria Farland: English, Fordham University
Dissertation: “Sexual genesis: narrative form and gender in American literature, 1880-1918”

Susan Maslan: French, University California, Berkeley
Dissertation: “Representations and theatricality in French revolutionary theater and politics”

Mark McGurl: English, University of California, Los Angeles
Dissertation: “The novel inside out: forms of distinction in James, Crane, Faulkner and Hammett”

Philip Vogt: Humanities, Lawrence Technological University
Dissertation: “Figures of continuity and modernity in Locke”


Robert Mankin: Institute Charles V, Université de Paris 7
Dissertation: “A history of contempt: Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire”

Katherine Rudolph: Philosophy, DePaul University
Dissertation: “This body of my dreams: Descartes and Augustine on the body of language”


Joanne Wood: English, Indiana University at Bloomington
Dissertation: “Artificial bodies: British modernism and the idea of form”

Catherine Kerr: Social Sciences, Harvard University
Dissertation: “Race in the making of American liberalism: 1912-1965”

Natasha Korda: English, Wesleyan University
Dissertation: “Household stuff: Shakespeare's domestic economies”


Brigitte Gerl: Towson State University
Dissertation: “Modern bodies: D.H. Lawrence, H.D., and the psychoanalytic movement”

Alan Keenan: Social Sciences, Harvard University
Dissertation: “The democratic question: on the rule of the people and the paradoxes of political freedom”

Bridget McDonald: Fellowship to France
Dissertation: “Pensée, plagiary: Pascal and the moderns”

Sharon Marcus: English, UC, Berkeley
Dissertation: “Restless houses: domesticity and urban culture in Paris and London, 1820-1888”

David Wittenberg: English and Comparative Literature, University of Iowa
Dissertation: “Philosophical revision: a reading of Heidegger's Nietzsche”

Paul Nelles: Warburg Institute, University of London
Dissertation: “The public library and the late humanist scholarship in early modern Europe: antiquarianism and encyclopaedism”

Elizabeth Pittenger: English, UC, Berkeley
Dissertation: “The traffic in pages: pedagogy, pederasty, and printing in the English Renaissance”


Tim Walters: NYU, Rochester
Dissertation: “Hegel's last words and the critique of speculative idea”

Kevin Pask: Concordia University, Montreal
Dissertation: “The emergence of the English author: pre-scripting the life of the poet in early modern England”

Shaun Irlam: Comparative Literature, SUNY, Buffalo
Dissertation: “Unworlding and otherworldliness: enthusiasm, epiphany, and typology in the poetry of James Thomson and Edward Young”

Akira Lippit: Department of Cinema, San Francisco State University
Dissertation: “Wildlife after death: zoomorphology and modernism”


Christy Burns: English, College of William & Mary
Dissertation: “The mirror and the razor crossed: the politics of parody in James Joyce's Ulysses and Finnegans wake”

Karin Cope: English, McGill University
Dissertation: “Gertrude Stein, Pablo Picasso, and the love of error”

Beatrice Hanssen: Germanic Languages and Literature, Harvard University
Dissertation: “Walter Benjamin's other history of stones, animals, human beings, and angels”

Saul Myers: MICA, University of Baltimore
Dissertation: “Between gold and oblivion: the poetry of Paul Celan and the persistence of extinguished memory”

Gregory Sims: Bryn Mawr
Dissertation:  “Essaying prudence: Montaigne and the semiotics of diversion”


Susan Bernstein: Comparative Literature, Brown University
Dissertation:  “Virtuosity of the nineteenth-century : music and language in Heine, Liszt and Baudelaire

Robin Avner: SUNY Binghamton
Dissertation:  “Literature as leaven : George Eliot on fiction, figurative language, and culture”

Margaret Leahey: New Hampshire College & University Counsel
Dissertation: “To hear with my eyes : the native language acquisition project in the Jesuit relations”

Jay Tribby: History, University of Florida
Dissertation: “Eloquence and experiment : essays on the civil gestures of inquiry in seventeenth-century France and Italy


Joseph Marino History, Hood College
Dissertation: “Renaissance ideas of ambience and the practice of letters: studies in continuity and change in the works and careers of Francesco Petrarca, Giovanni Gherardi da Prato, Baldassar Castiglione, and Sperone Speroni”

JoAnn Pilardi: Towson State University
Dissertation:  “Simone de Beauvoir’s notion of the self: philosophy becomes autobiographical”

Peter Fenves: German, Northwestern University
Dissertation: “A peculiar fate: Kant and the question of world-history”


Elizabeth Watson: Washburn University, Topeka, Kansas
Dissertation: “Achille Bocchi and the emblem book as symbolic form”

Jay Gillen: Principal of Stadium School (Baltimore, MD)
Dissertation: “Rhetorical invention in the poetry of Robert Browning”

Susan Derwin: Comparative Literature, UC, Santa Barbara
Dissertation: “The renunciation of mimesis: theory and practice of the novel”

Jeffrey Wallen: Humanities & Arts, Hampshire College
Dissertation:  “Aesthetic vision and revision: Walter Pater’s portraiture”

Susan White: English, University of Arizona
Dissertation:  “The cinema of Max Ophuls: marginality, magisterial vision and the figure of woman”

Neil Saccamano: English, Cornell University
Dissertation:  “Publication, interpretation, and neoclassicism : the case of Swift “


Beatrice Marie: English, George Mason University
Dissertation:  “Echoes of revolution : early Victorian narrative and French fictional models”

Peter Murphy: English, Williams College
Dissertation:   “Popular charms: popularity and its influence on some Romantic  literary careers

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