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Job Placement

Listed below are initial full-time positions of our recent PhD graduates. Initial placements may not overlap with their current positions, many of which you can find here.


Anh Nguyen, Teaching Assistant, German Department, Harvard University
Dissertation: "Contextualizing the 'Inner': Pretense and Aspect in Wittgenstein, Lohenstein, and Goethe"

Larry McGrath, Humanities Fellow, Humanities Center, Johns Hopkins
Disseration: "The Bergsonian Moment: Science and Spirit in France, 1874-1907"


Tarek Dika: Postdoctoral Fellow, Michigan Society of Fellows
Dissertation: "Descartes and the Origin of the Modern Problem of Finitude"

Kate Khatib: Adjunct Professor, Humanistic Studies, Maryland Institute College of Art / Design Director, AK Press Publishing
Dissertation: "Surrealism's America: Notes on a Vernacular Epistemology"


Danielle Dubois: Assistant Professor, Department of Religion, University of Manitoba
Dissertation: "Spiritual Practice and Learned Traditions in Marguerite Porete's Mirouer des simples ames"

John Duda: Communications Coordinator, The Democracy Collaborative at the University of Maryland
Dissertation: "The Idea of Self-organization Between Science and Politics"

Nils F. Schott: International Research Fellow, Dahlem Humanities Center, Freie Universität Berlin
Dissertation: "The Conversion of Knowledge--Religion and Enlightenment in Eighteenth-Century Catechisms"


Jeroen Gerrits: Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Comparative Literature, Binghamton University (SUNY)
Dissertation: "Lubricious Objects: Perception and Grammar in Cinema and Poetry"


Gülru Çakmak: Visiting Assistant Professor, Frostic School of Art, Western Michigan University
Dissertation: "Jean-Léon Gérôme: The Innovative Years (1851-1859)"

Martin Shuster: Chauncey Truax Postdoctoral Fellow, Philosophy Department, Hamilton College
Dissertation: "I Against I: Transcendental Commitments and Social Deformities after Kant"

Joyce Tsai: Assistant Professor, Modern and Contemporary Art, College of Fine Arts, University of Florida
Dissertation: "László Moholy-Nagy: Painting after Photography"


Molly Warnock: Postdoctoral Fellow, Art History, Princeton University
Dissertation:"Thought by Painting: The Early Work of Simon Hantaï"

Stefanos Geroulanos: Assistant Professor of Modern European History, New York University
Dissertation: “Man Under Erasure: The Emergence of Antihumanism in French Thought, Politics, and Literature, 1926-1954”

Jie Guo: Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature, University South Carolina
Dissertation: “Confusing Desires: Representations of Male Same-Sex Relationships in Late Ming and Early Qing Literature”


Samantha Fenno, Humanities, University of Chicago
Dissertation: “Specters of Skepticism: Henry Fielding and the Problematic of Recognition”

Danielle Follett:  Département d'études des pays anglophones, University of Paris-VIII, Saint Denis
Dissertation: “The Ghost of God: Studies in the Nineteenth-century Poetics and Aesthetics of Chance : Baudelaire, Mallarmé, Proust”

Oleg Gelikman: Humanities, Soka University
Dissertation: “The Idea of Prose as Modernist Poetics”

Alexandre Lefebvre: Postdoctoral Fellow, Faculty of Law, McGill University
Dissertation: “The Image of Law: Deleuze, Bergson, Spinoza”


Liang Mao  English, Beijing University
Dissertation: “Henry James and the Claim of Sociality


Anne Rose: History, College of Charleston, Charleston, SC
Dissertation: “Children’s moral culture and the experimental human sciences in Britain, France and Italy, 1748-1899”

Zachary Sng: German, Brown University
Dissertation: “Corrupting the fountains of knowledge: language and error from Locke to Schlegel”

Antonia Szabari: French and Comparative Literature, University of Southern California
Dissertation: “Less rightly said: inventing scandalous speech in literature and religion in the Reformation”


Ivan Grabovac:  Assistant Professor of English at Mount Royal University (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
Dissertation: “Thoreau's passion”

Christopher Powers: Comparative Literature, University of Puerto Rico
Dissertation: “Ambivalent freedom: the politics of style in the writings of James Joyce and Ralph Ellison”


Elizabeth Rottenberg: Philosophy, DePaul University
Dissertation: “Inheriting the future: legacies of Kant, Freud, and Flaubert”

William Scott: English, University of Pittsburgh
Dissertation: “Writing from the left: race, gender, and the critique of representation in the Great Depression”

Arnd Wedemeyer: German, Princeton University
Dissertation: “Expanses of thought: interpretations of space from Kant to Heidegger”


Patrick Greaney: German, University of Colorado
Dissertation: “The beggar's voice: impoverished writing in Nietzsche, Mallarme, Rilke, and Benjamin”

Dana Hollander: Religious Studies, McMaster University
Dissertation: “Exemplarity and chosenness: Rosenzweig and Derrida on the nation of philosophy”

Joanna Klink: Creative Writing, Poetry, University of Montana
Dissertation: “Paul Celan: the second person, poetic realism, and ontological hope”

Patrick Provost-Smith: Divinity School, Harvard University
Dissertation: “Macao, Manila, Mexico, and Madrid: Jesuit controversies over strategies for the Christianization of China (1580-1600)”


John D. Connor: English and Visual Culture, Harvard University
Dissertation: “The language of men: identity and existentialism in the American postwar”

Daniel Heller Roazen: Comparative Literature, Princeton University
Dissertation: “Fortune's faces : the Roman de la Rose and the poetics of contingency”


Michael Kohler: SUNY Binghamton; Attorney, Associate at McKee Nelson
Dissertation: “Governmental modernity and nineteenth-century narrative and dramatic verse: a study in the ideological inflection of form”

Sarah Roff: German, Princeton University
Dissertation: “Group mind: psychology and the construction of the public sphere from Romanticism to psychoanalysis"


Maria Farland: English, Fordham University
Dissertation: “Sexual genesis: narrative form and gender in American literature, 1880-1918”

Susan Maslan: French, University California, Berkeley
Dissertation: “Representations and theatricality in French revolutionary theater and politics”

Mark McGurl: English, University of California, Los Angeles
Dissertation: “The novel inside out: forms of distinction in James, Crane, Faulkner and Hammett”

Philip Vogt: Humanities, Lawrence Technological University
Dissertation: “Figures of continuity and modernity in Locke”


Robert Mankin: Institute Charles V, Université de Paris 7
Dissertation: “A history of contempt: Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire”

Katherine Rudolph: Philosophy, DePaul University
Dissertation: “This body of my dreams: Descartes and Augustine on the body of language”


Joanne Wood: English, Indiana University at Bloomington
Dissertation: “Artificial bodies: British modernism and the idea of form”

Catherine Kerr: Social Sciences, Harvard University
Dissertation: “Race in the making of American liberalism: 1912-1965”

Natasha Korda: English, Wesleyan University
Dissertation: “Household stuff: Shakespeare's domestic economies”


Brigitte Gerl: Towson State University
Dissertation: “Modern bodies: D.H. Lawrence, H.D., and the psychoanalytic movement”

Alan Keenan: Social Sciences, Harvard University
Dissertation: “The democratic question: on the rule of the people and the paradoxes of political freedom”

Bridget McDonald: Fellowship to France
Dissertation: “Pensée, plagiary: Pascal and the moderns”

Sharon Marcus: English, UC, Berkeley
Dissertation: “Restless houses: domesticity and urban culture in Paris and London, 1820-1888”

David Wittenberg: English and Comparative Literature, University of Iowa
Dissertation: “Philosophical revision: a reading of Heidegger's Nietzsche”

Paul Nelles: Warburg Institute, University of London
Dissertation: “The public library and the late humanist scholarship in early modern Europe: antiquarianism and encyclopaedism”

Elizabeth Pittenger: English, UC, Berkeley
Dissertation: “The traffic in pages: pedagogy, pederasty, and printing in the English Renaissance”


Tim Walters: NYU, Rochester
Dissertation: “Hegel's last words and the critique of speculative idea”

Kevin Pask: Concordia University, Montreal
Dissertation: “The emergence of the English author: pre-scripting the life of the poet in early modern England”

Shaun Irlam: Comparative Literature, SUNY, Buffalo
Dissertation: “Unworlding and otherworldliness: enthusiasm, epiphany, and typology in the poetry of James Thomson and Edward Young”

Akira Lippit: Department of Cinema, San Francisco State University
Dissertation: “Wildlife after death: zoomorphology and modernism”


Christy Burns: English, College of William & Mary
Dissertation: “The mirror and the razor crossed: the politics of parody in James Joyce's Ulysses and Finnegans wake”

Karin Cope: English, McGill University
Dissertation: “Gertrude Stein, Pablo Picasso, and the love of error”

Beatrice Hanssen: Germanic Languages and Literature, Harvard University
Dissertation: “Walter Benjamin's other history of stones, animals, human beings, and angels”

Saul Myers: MICA, University of Baltimore
Dissertation: “Between gold and oblivion: the poetry of Paul Celan and the persistence of extinguished memory”

Gregory Sims: Bryn Mawr
Dissertation:  “Essaying prudence: Montaigne and the semiotics of diversion”


Susan Bernstein: Comparative Literature, Brown University
Dissertation:  “Virtuosity of the nineteenth-century : music and language in Heine, Liszt and Baudelaire

Robin Avner: SUNY Binghamton
Dissertation:  “Literature as leaven : George Eliot on fiction, figurative language, and culture”

Margaret Leahey: New Hampshire College & University Counsel
Dissertation: “To hear with my eyes : the native language acquisition project in the Jesuit relations”

Jay Tribby: History, University of Florida
Dissertation: “Eloquence and experiment : essays on the civil gestures of inquiry in seventeenth-century France and Italy


Joseph Marino History, Hood College
Dissertation: “Renaissance ideas of ambience and the practice of letters: studies in continuity and change in the works and careers of Francesco Petrarca, Giovanni Gherardi da Prato, Baldassar Castiglione, and Sperone Speroni”

JoAnn Pilardi: Towson State University
Dissertation:  “Simone de Beauvoir’s notion of the self: philosophy becomes autobiographical”

Peter Fenves: German, Northwestern University
Dissertation: “A peculiar fate: Kant and the question of world-history”


Elizabeth Watson: Washburn University, Topeka, Kansas
Dissertation: “Achille Bocchi and the emblem book as symbolic form”

Jay Gillen: Principal of Stadium School (Baltimore, MD)
Dissertation: “Rhetorical invention in the poetry of Robert Browning”

Susan Derwin: Comparative Literature, UC, Santa Barbara
Dissertation: “The renunciation of mimesis: theory and practice of the novel”

Jeffrey Wallen: Humanities & Arts, Hampshire College
Dissertation:  “Aesthetic vision and revision: Walter Pater’s portraiture”

Susan White: English, University of Arizona
Dissertation:  “The cinema of Max Ophuls: marginality, magisterial vision and the figure of woman”

Neil Saccamano: English, Cornell University
Dissertation:  “Publication, interpretation, and neoclassicism : the case of Swift “


Beatrice Marie: English, George Mason University
Dissertation:  “Echoes of revolution : early Victorian narrative and French fictional models”

Peter Murphy: English, Williams College
Dissertation:   “Popular charms: popularity and its influence on some Romantic  literary careers

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