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International Exchange and Cooperation

Graduate students are highly encouraged to study and undertake research abroad as part of preparing their dissertation. A member of the Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes, the Humanities Center maintains exchange programs with a number of schools and programs and regularly welcomes scholars and students from institutions all over the world. The Center also participates in a number of international research networks.

École normale supérieure, Paris

Every year, the Humanities Center welcomes students from the ENS, one of Europe’s premier research and teaching institutions. As part of the department’s longest-running exchange program, students from the Center go to Paris as boursiers étrangers.

School of Criticism and Theory

Sponsored by a consortium of major universities in the US and abroad, the School of Criticism and Theory is a summer institute focusing on key conceptual issues and current debates across the humanities and social sciences. Every year, several graduate students and faculty in the humanities at Johns Hopkins participate in the SCT, which is currently being directed by Prof. de Vries. Next year's program can be found here, the School's current newsletter is available here.

Principles of Cultural Dynamics Network, Berlin

Along with humanities departments at institutions across the world (Chinese University of Hong Kong, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Freie Universität Berlin, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, HSE Moscow, the Australian National University, Harvard University, and the University of California, Davis) the Humanities Center forms the Humanities Network Principles of Cultural Dynamics, which has recently been approved by the German Academic Exchange Service for a second funding period starting in 2017. In addition to providing opportunities for yearlong exchanges, the Network offers a yearly summer school and fellowships in Berlin.

Ordinary Language Philosophy and Ordinary Conceptions in the Social Sciences (PloCo) Network

The Johns Hopkins Humanities Center and the Department of Philosophy cooperate with the French Research organization CNRS, the University of Paris-1, Tufts University, La Sapienza University Rome, and the University of Porto in an international scientific network on ordinary language philosophy. As part of this collaboration, the Humanities Center organized an international colloquium assembling all participating institutions in 2015; contributions to the colloqium have been published in a special issue of MLN.

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