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Humanities Center: The Structuralist Controversy

Sat. Apr 22, 2017 9:30am - 6:00pm
Hodson 311

The Structuralist Controversy and Its Legacy - 1966 ANNIVERSARY CONFERENCE

Arkady Plotnitsky (Perdue University): Sign, Structure and Play and the Discourse of the Natural Sciences.  The Hyppolite-Derrida Exchange

Jean-Baptiste Vuillerod (University of Nanterre-Paris Ouest)

Hegel in Baltimore. Jean Hyppolite and Antihegelianism of French Theory

Omid Mehrgan (JHU): The Humanist's Slaves: Hegel on Taking Position in Thought

Jean-Michel Salanskis. (University of Nanterre Paris Ouest): Science and Philosophy. Four Moments

Hale Sirin (JHU): Representation, Synchronicity and Narrative: A Study on Post/Structural Terminology in the Context of Westernization and Secularization

Evelyn Ender (JHU): Jean Starobiski’s Resistance to Theory

Anne Sauvagnargue (University of Nanterre Paris Ouest): “Structural Philosophy and Feminism”

Marva Philip 410-516-7619
The Humanities Center, the Centre Louis Marin, and the Alexander Grass Institute for the Humanities
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