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Humanities Center: The Structuralist Controversy

Fri. Apr 21, 2017 9:30am - 5:30pm
Gilman Hall 50

The Structuralist Controversy and Its Legacy - 1966 ANNIVERSARY CONFERENCE

Stuart W. Leslie (JHU): “The French Connection: How the Structuralist Controversy Came to Hopkins”

Patrice Maniglier (University of Nanterre-Paris Ouest): Derrida’s Fault

Veena Das (JHU): The fragility of structures: Re-searching Lévi-Strauss

François Sebbah (University of Nanterre-Paris Ouest): Girard-Derrida: Difference, Sacrifice, Calculation and What Resists Them

Nidesh Lawtoo (University of Bern): “The Shadow of the Symposium: Sameness and Difference Replayed”

Paola Marrati (JHU): In Praise of Philosophy

Anne Alombert (University of Nanterre-Paris Ouest)

Derrida and Simondon: Thinking History “Outside” of Metaphysics

Marva Philip 410-516-7619
The Humanities Center, the Centre Louis Marin, and the Alexander Grass Institute for the Humanities
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