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Eli Friedlander

Eli Friedlander is Professor of Philosophy at Tel Aviv University. He received his PhD from Harvard writing his dissertation under the supervision of Stanley Cavell and Burton Dreben on the different manifestations of the distinction between showing and saying in logic, ethics and aesthetics.

His first book Signs of Sense: Reading Wittgenstein's Tractatus (Harvard UP, 2000) articulates the internal relation between logic and the ethical in the Tractatus. In his J.J. Rousseau: An Afterlife of Words (Harvard UP, 2005), Eli Friedlander investigates the problem of exemplarity in philosophy by way of a close reading of Rousseau's autobiography, Reveries of the Solitary Walker. His recent Walter Benjamin: A Philosophical Portrait (Harvard UP, 2011) draws together Benjamin’s corpus of writings so as to present it as a rigorous configuration of philosophy with an overarching coherence and a deep-seated commitment to engage the philosophical tradition. His more recent writing and research is devoted to Kant's aesthetics as well as to the Kantian legacy in the history of analytic philosophy.

Eli Friedlander has also written essays in art criticism and film.

Taking time off from teaching, every now and then, he has been working in recent years as a stage designer for opera productions.

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