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News and Announcements

Graduate Student Speaker Andrew Cole

The students of the Humanities Center welcome Professor Andrew Cole of Princeton University's Department of English for a lecture and a seminar.

   Lecture: "Rethinking Fetishism and
   Historical Materialism:
   On Hegel and Marx"
   April 17, 4:30 pm

   Seminar: "Objects on the Loose"
   April 18, 11 am

   Gilman 208

David Wellbery

The Humanities Center is pleased to announce two lectures by David Wellbery, LeRoy T. and Margaret Deffenbaugh Carlson University Professor at the University of Chicago and Associate of the Humanities Center

   April 21, 2014
   "The Self-Articulation of Form in
   Sufferings of Young Werther"

   April 22, 2014
   "Freedom and Form: Pandora"

   4:45 pm
   Gilman 130D

"Ibsen and the Play of Politics"

    The Humanities Center, in collaboration
    with the Ibsen Center at the University of
    Oslo and the Department of Philosophy
    at Temple University, announces the
    second in a series of three workshops on
    Ibsen and Philosophy, to be hosted at
    Johns Hopkins on May 2-3, 2014.
    Click here for the program of the

Past Events

You can find a list of past events here.

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