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News and Announcements

Beginning January 18, 2018, the name of the Humanities Center will be Department of Comparative Thought and Literature.

The degree of Master of Arts in Humanistic Studies will not be offered in the 2018–19 academic year.

For more information on our graduate offerings, please visit

Applications Solicited for the Boone Chair in Humanities

Comparative Thought and Literature is soliciting applications for James R. Herbert Boone Chair in Humanities. The focus of the search will be on philosophical approaches to literature. More information on the position and an online application can be found here.

Workshop on the Avoidance and Appearance of Childhood

The Humanities Center and the Department of Anthropology present a workshop.

   Avoidance and Appearance
   of Childhood

   November 26, 9:30 AM–5:30 PM
   Gilman 208

   November 27, 9:30 AM–12:00 PM
   Mergenthaler 439


Graduate Student Invited Speaker Huey Copeland

The Graduate students of the Humanities Center present a lecture and a seminar by Huey Copeland, Associate Professor of Art History at Northwestern University.

   Conditions Reporting:
   I AM A MAN and the Writing
   of Afrotropic Art Histories

   Lecture: Wednesday,
      November 29, 4:30 pm
   Seminar: Thursday,
     November 30, 10 am

   Both events will take place
   in Gilman 208.

Hent de Vries Appointed to the Chaire de Métaphysique Etienne Gilson

Hent de Vries has been appointed as the 2018 Titulaire de la Chaire de Métaphysique Etienne Gilson at the Institut Catholique in Paris. In that capacity, he will present six public lectures in March 2018, which will be published by the Presses Universitaires de France. The endowed chair and lecture series commemorates the work of the well-known twentieth-century medievalist and Descartes specialist, Etienne Gilson. Earlier chair holders include Pierre Aubenque, Alain de Libera, Jean-Luc Marion, Stanley Rosen, Stéphane Moses, Jean-Louis Chrétien, Francis Jacques, Jean Greisch, Jean Grondin, Rémi Braque, and Cathérine Chalier.

Michael Fried Decorated in France

The Humanities Center congratulates Michael Fried on his being honored by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication. Professor Fried has been named Chevalier de l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres in recognition of his significant contributions to furthering the arts and literature in France and throughout the world. The award reflects a recognition of decades of important scholarship by Michael Fried in the areas of French painting, art criticism, and literature.


Past Events

You can find a list of past events here.

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