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News and Announcements

New Master's Program in Humanistic Studies

   The Humanities Center is pleased to
   announce a new course of study, the
   Master of Arts in Humanistic Studies.

   Please click here for more information.

How to Really Do Things with Words

The Humanities Center is honored to present three lectures by Barbara Cassin (CNRS, Léon Robin Center for Research on Ancient Thought, and Collège International de Philosophie),  Associate of the Humanities Center:


   Oct. 21: "Ontology/ Logology"
   Oct. 22: "South African TRC: 'Enough of the Truth for...'"
   Oct. 23: "Lacan, or 'The Presence of the Sophist Nowadays'"

   4:00 pm in the Humanities
   Center Seminar Room (Gilman 208)

Matthew Engelke

The Humanities Center is pleased to announce a lecture by Matthew Engelke (London School of Economics)

    Immanence and/in Africa:
   Some Reflections (from South of the Sahara)

   Wednesday, October 29, 2014, 4 pm


Past Events

You can find a list of past events here.

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